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Clay Shirky: Here comes everybody – the power of organizing without organizations

lørdag, juni 28th, 2008

If you ever ask yourself – Why is social media, participation, group forming in different shades and colors changing the world around us? – then this book is a must read in my opinion. As humans we want to participate in groups. We need other people, we need to reflect our own image, we need […]

Liveblogging David Weinberger and Andrew Keen debate from Picnic07

torsdag, september 27th, 2007

Liveblogging this – expect typos and halfbaked sentences :-) UPDATE: They never got to the interesting question – what are we suppose to do about it if the internet is really ruining our culture? I got really annoyed with the moderator and the debate could IMO have been a lot better if he had been […]

Picnic – but with no juice :-)

onsdag, september 26th, 2007

UPDATE 27.09.2007 – Lots of juice today – I was just in the wrong end of the hall yesterday… :-) I am in Amsterdam – at the Picnic07 conference. It is great and it has been a good first day. Some of my favourites were: Blaise Aguera y Arcas who talked about Photosynth (the link […]

Rebecca Blood did an interview with me

torsdag, februar 22nd, 2007

My global collegue and friend Rebecca Blood who is the author of “The weblog handbook” does a series of interviews with bloggers on blogging – and on that account I have been faced with some very good questions on blogs and corporate blogging for the last couple of weeks. And today the result is out. […]